ICT Sales & Service

We sell genuine products from our product partners with valid warranties and offer professional certified technical services

Biometric & CCTV Security

We offer security solutions for Access Control systems (Biometric Face and Fingerprint Recognition) and CCTV surveillance systems.

Online Shopping

All our products are available online. Shop with us from anywhere in the world with ease.

Network Solutions

We offer the best networking solutions & services that helps optimize your entire network experience and efficiency.

Cyber Security Solutions

We offer cyber security solutions and services that empower and protect your systems against the various threats in the computing world.

Software Training

We provide  high quality training, consulting and documentation services to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Software Consultancy

We provide expert opinion regarding best software decision and IT practices for your business or personal use.

Hardware Repair

We provide the best offers for all your hardware and software repairs through our factory trained and certified engineers.

Why choose us?
Intellitech Limited is a Total Solution Company that has the experience and resources to provide the full range of computer services and consultancy you require. From prompt shipment of goods to large scale network planning, installation and consultancy, we take pride in our efficiency and ability to attend to our clients with diligence and complete solutions with correct results.
Our engineers are factory trained and certified professionals internationally recognized and also our training is continuous. This is to keep in line with development in new technology. We currently have fully trained and certified engineers and also several experienced technicians. They have different expertise such as CNE, Siemons DIL, Microsoft and Cisco certified MCSE (Server 2012) and CCNA. This has enabled us to meet our clients' demands & always be up to date with technology trends. 

We are a trusted dealer and distributor of electrical and electronic components since 1997, offering thousands of products to meet a wide variety of needs and applications. We also offer professional technical services courtesy of our factory trained and certified engineers. Some of the products we distribute include: –

  • Laptops & Laptop Accessories
  • Desktops & Monitors
  • Toners & Cartridges
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment & Accessories
  • Software (Antiviruses, Operating Systems & Utility software)
  • Apple products
  • Storage devices

We operate an extremely efficient micro-computer supply service, filling the PC requirements of customers in all areas of business. By choosing INTELLITECH LTD you stand to receive many benefits including the following:

  1. Advice on product selection to suit your requirements from our Sales and Marketing personnel.
  2. A structural system of account management and administration to ensure smooth order processing.
  3. Cost effect stocking combined with personal delivery of goods.
  4. After sales service provided by our qualified technical support team.
  5. Personalized service.
  6. Fully organized and up to date workshop with wide range of tools.
  7. Well equipped workshop with spare parts in stock.

Plus many more. Shop with us today.

A responsive network infrastructure is integral to your organization’s ability to share information and communicate with clients and employees. We offer professional networking services which suit your company needs. Intellitech is also a leading value added distributor of Networking products within the region. Our engineers have different expertise such as CNE, Siemens DIL, Microsoft and Cisco certified MCSE (Server 2012) and CCNA. Our engineers are therefore trained to install and support installations such as:

  • Planning, Installation and support of Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows for workgroups, CP/IP, NS, IPX/SPX Connectivity Both LANS & WANS.
  • Data cabling in Ethernet (Coax 10 BASE or 10 BASE-5) or (10 BASE-T and100BASE), fiber optics and WIFI
  • Promotion of Domain Controllers and configuration of servers DNS (domain name server), DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol), RAS (remote access server), WINS (windows internet name server), Exchange Server, Active Directory (Domain controller), File server, NAT (network address translator).
  • Configuration/ installation of software on client computers using Group Policy Monitoring of traffic that is entering and leaving the perimeter network.
  • Preparation of disaster recovery process for the servers to minimize down time.
  • Preparation of backup and restoration process
  • Configuration of passwords on the console and line virtual terminal
  • Renaming of the switch and routers name.
  • Configuration of the proper routing protocol expected.
  • Configuration of switch port security, creation of VLAN, inter-Vlan routing, Configuration of the routers serial and fast Ethernet ports
  • Configuring of DHCP, DNS on the router.

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We at Intellitech LTD offer high quality solutions for security & surveillance. Our surveillance solution supports multiple functions for multiple organisations with different needs. Our work experience is drawn from number of critical areas where we provide a service that goes above and beyond our competitors.

Our security solutions include: –

  • smart lock
  • access control systems
  • time attendance systems
  • video surveillance (CCTV)
  • clocking systems
  • video intercom

Intellitech LTD always widens its product range to ensure our clients have both high-end, high definition mega pixel digital to entry level comprehensive CCTV solutions. Some of the products we supply include: –

  • Dome Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • 360 Degree View Panoramic Cameras
  • HD IP Cameras
  • IR Bullet Cameras
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras
  • 4-128 Channel NVR
  • Intelligent video management systems (IVMS)
  • Fish Eye Cameras
  • Spy Cameras
  • 4-32 Channel DVR
  • & many more

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At Intellitech LTD we perform efficient Hardware Repair Services with a promise of Quality and Expertise. Our friendly, factory trained and certified engineers will diagnose the cause of your troubled system and repair the problem. the repairing process can include replacement parts or software repairs such as operating system repair or re-installation.
In case your system out of age and you are concerned about the cost of repair, don’t worry we will be the first to advise you if we believe that your system is not worth the cost of repair.

  • Memory Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement (Laptops)
  • Screen Replacement (Laptops)
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement

At intellitech LTD we provide instructor-led software training services to accelerate your business proficiency with our solutions. Our main aim is to provide you with the proper knowledge to support your organisation. Our training sessions can be provided anyway at any time. With proper guidance from our skilled trainers, you will gain a thorough understanding of various enterprise software functionality and learn how to get the most value out of it. We are actively focusing on having more trainers who will focus on helping our clients handling top business/enterprise software in the market. For clients who prefer to have custom software training program at their own business facilities we will gladly accommodate your on-site needs.
Some of the software we offer training on include: –

  • Quick-books

Intellitech LTD is specialized in the special requirements of the IT industry. The future belongs to the IT industry, but new technologies and solutions are creating an increased need for consulting in an already very dynamic environment. With our excellent communication skills and love for sales, we are the ideal complement to your office staff and support their potential in both local and international market.