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Epson T6716 Maintenance Box (C13T671600)

KSh5,800 Incl. VAT
Product Specification
More Information
Manufacturer Part No.: C13T671600, T6716
Group: Maintenance items
Brand: Epson
Colour: Maintenance Kit
Product Type: Inkjet Maintenance
SKU: C13T671600
Category: Epson Printers
Genuine Epson T6716 Maintenance Box – (C13T671600)

The maintenance box in your Epson device stores the ink that gets flushed from it during the cleaning of printheads. It’s of paramount importance to replace it if it is no longer functioning correctly. The Genuine Epson T6716 Maintenance Box (C13T671600) will slot into your printer in place of an ailing box and soak up wasted ink so it can perform at its optimum level once again. The Genuine Epson T6716 Maintenance Box (C13T671600) has a mass of compressed absorbent fibre to store excess ink in the most efficient manner. If you’re encountering issues with printer performance or are experiencing error alerts, it might be time to replace your existing box with a new one. Cartridge Save carries a range of maintenance boxes for Epson printers at the lowest price. You can also purchase ink cartridges from our huge selection of genuine and compatible products.

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